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Before you can use the drawing program, you must sign up for an account on yovilleart.com. Do that first!

Current version: (2.7 Beta)

Allows our users to create designs on paintboards, whiteboards and eggs.

You can also DOWNLOAD THE PREVIOUS VERSION (6.2) HERE to use it for eggs, until we release a new update.

Once you download the program, you can run the same file each time you want to draw an image. You do not need to download it again. It will be present in your notification area icons, near your Windows clock, until you close it.

Note: to draw transparent paintboards, you will have to use Magenta #ff00ff hex color as the transparent color, and save/upload your image as .png to preserve the color codes:

You can use the template above for your creations.

Example: uploading and drawing this image: 
it will become transparent on a paintboard:    

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the program

  1. First, download the program from the “Download” page.
  2. Then, create an account, and go to the “My Account” page.  Here you will see your account number.
  3. Run the program.  It will ask for your yovilleart.com account number.  Enter the account number from the “My Account” page.  This will link your computer to your yovilleart.com account.
  4. If all goes well, you should have an icon in your tray that looks like this:  This means the program is running and is ready to draw.
  1. If you have not set up a yovilleart.com account, you must do that first.  See “How do I get set up?”
  2. If the program is not running, run it.  You should have an icon in your tray that looks like this:
  3. From within the “My Account” page, decide on an image to draw.  Or, if you are a contributing member, you may select any image from the catalog.  Note the image identifier below the image.
  4. Open a new browser (or a new tab) and go to YoVille.  Within the game, double-click a whiteboard to open it, and click the erase button to prepare it for drawing.
  5. Press Alt-Shift-F2 or Alt-Shift-2 to begin drawing.  The program will ask for the identifier of the image you wish to draw.  Enter the identifier from step 1.
  6. The program will then draw the image on the whiteboard.  This will usually take some time, depending on the the image.

If you are not yet a contributing member, consider becoming one.  Members get unlimited access to custom uploaded pics.

If you are not a member, you will need a voucher.  After you log in, on the “My Account” page, near the top there is a link to where you can upload a custom picture.  That link will take you to a page where you can upload images of your own, and then you can decide whether to redeem your voucher for it.

You can always draw the free images in the catalog without becoming a member.

Your account number is visible near the top of the “My Account” page after you log in.

First make sure it has been entered correctly.  Copy-paste, don’t type it.

If your yovilleart.com account has already been associated with a different computer, or a different account on the same computer, then it will reject the account number.  This is because each account may only be used from a single computer.  If you need to switch to a different computer, or you have upgraded your computer and your account no longer works (rare), see the questions below for how to reset your account.

If for some reason you must switch computers, you must reset your yovilleart.com account to accept the new computer.  Go to your account settings page by clicking the ‘account settings’ link near the top of the ‘My Account’ page.  Or you can go directly by clicking here: account settings.

Once at your account settings page, you should see an option for associating a different computer with your account.  Follow the link provided, and your account will then be ready to accept a different computer.

You must then start the AutoDraw program on the new computer and you must enter your account number on the new computer when it asks.

Important: if the new computer does not ask for your account number when you start AutoDraw, then the program is probably associated with the wrong account!  Right-click the tray icon and choose “Wipe Registration Information”.  This will cause it to forget the (wrong) association and then when you restart the AutoDraw program, it will ask for your account number.

Most upgrades will not invalidate your computer’s association with your yovilleart.com account, but major upgrades will appear to be a different computer.  If this happens, follow the instructions for the previous question regarding what to do if you need to switch to a different computer.

This is not currently permitted.  You must pick one computer to use to do your drawings.


When you donate $10 or more, you get unlimited access to draw any catalog pictures. Also, you get the ability to upload your own custom pictures. You may make as many images as you wish.

Whatever amount you donate, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are supporting our great service. Make sure that you are logged into your account when you upgrade your membership!

A voucher may be redeemed for one copy (two attempts) at drawing an image.  Each voucher may be redeemed only once.

Vouchers are no longer sold but under some conditions they may be given out for promotional purposes.  If you have not yet become a contributing member, redeeming vouchers is the only way to make whiteboards.

You can already try the program for free with any of the images in the catalog that are labelled “free”. Under some conditions, vouchers may be given out for promotional purposes. Occasionally, we hold contests on our YoVilleArt Facebook Fan Page, so ‘Like’ us on facebook and start following!

Currently we only accept donations through Paypal.  This includes credit cards and a few other payment methods that Paypal accepts.  If you do not have a credit card, you might consider buying a prepaid Visa card, which can be found at various retailers.  We are exploring other options for those who don’t have credit cards, but unfortunately this is not yet available. Make sure that you are logged into your account when you upgrade your membership.

Troubleshooting Errors

If you use Norton Anti Virus, you have to disable it if you want to use our program. Our program is hooked to your mouse to be able to draw on the screen. Norton is blocking it because it takes control over your mouse.

Disable Norton, then download our program. Unfortunately we cannot stop Norton to block our program, buying a certified license for our program is way too expensive for us at the moment.

The program searches for a blank white board on your screen. So first, make sure that you have clicked “Erase” to clear your whiteboard, before pressing ALT + SHIFT + F2.

However, if you are getting this error, first, tell us about it. Let us know on our facebook fan page that you’ve gotten this error, and what web browser version you are using.

You can also try using a different web browser. Google chrome has worked well.

This is a problem with version 2.2 of the drawing program.  Please download the latest version.

Version 2.3 fixes a problem causing a “Couldn’t find browser” message.  Prior versions used “YoVille” in the title bar to locate the window, and if YoVille did not label the window (previously it always had) then it would fail.  In version 2.3 if it cannot find a window whose title starts with YoVille, it will assume the current active window is the YoVille window and continue.  If the current window is not a YoVille window then it will presumably fail to find a whiteboard on the screen.

Make sure that you copy / paste the Image ID code correctly. If you want to upload your own image, use the recommended upload size (110×70 pixels for single boards) and save it as .png with a simple name (abc123).

If you see white streaks when you save your drawing, the first thing to try is to re-draw at a slower speed. To do this, right click on the smal palette tray icon near your windows clock, choose “AutoDraw Settings”, and then choose a drawing speed below 3.

Another possibility is that you have a slow Flash Player. If you see lots of “artifacts” on your drawing, it means that the flash player is not changing the colors as fast as our program does. (So you will have bad horizontal lines on your drawing.)

To fix: 1) Update your Flash Player. 2) Set your Flash Player quality to “low” (right click on the game) 3) Set your browser priority to Real time in your Task Manager (Task Manager>Processes>Right-click on your browser process>Priority>Real time.) 4) Clean your browser’s cache memory, use a different browser, use a single browsing tab, draw in a empty room, close unnecessary programs while drawing, to make your PC run faster.

Adobe Flash Player upgrade issues:

Note: Sometimes even Yoville itself will have glitches when new versions of Adobe Flash Player are launched. (Remember the flicker glitch?)
If you notice any kind of distortions on your whiteboard drawing after you save the artwork, you can also try to install a older version of Flash from HERE .

Check your internet connection or your firewall settings, allow our program to connect to the internet. Our application is checking your account ID and is reading/downloading the images from our server while drawing.  There are many computer configurations and unfortunately we cannot cover them all. Our server could also be overloaded, try to restart the program again in couple of minutes.

Contact our Fan Page Admins HERE.

When reporting a problem, try to give as much detail as you can.  We need this information to know what the problem is.  Do not simply say “it’s not working”.  Is the program running (with the icon showing in the task bar)?  Did it give an error message?  What message did it give you?  Did it begin to draw but fail to complete?  This kind of information helps us address your problem much faster.

Important Warnings


1. NEVER create events in game to sell digital art.

Your account is safe as long as you do not host events where you sell digital art. So feel free to enjoy the art created with our program, feel free to gift it to your friends, but never expose yourself in events.

2. NEVER post auctions selling digital art on YoWorld main forum. Read pt. 1 again. YoWorld admins were pretty nice so far and they only deleted the art posted there to be sold. Do not take this risk!

3. NEVER upload xxx, racist or violent messages on YoVilleart. We monitor each image uploaded and we banned already some users who were too stubborn to understand this rule. If you do not belive us, we invite you to test this on your own. We all love this game, so let’s keep it clean. Our children have the right to have a nice time also.

4. ALWAYS test our drawing program with a free image available from the catalog before making any donation to us. Even our website is alive based only on your support and we are grateful for that, we want to make sure that you can benefit from it if you donate to get full access.
There are hundreds of thousands of PC combinations, browsers, configurations, etc, and we cannot test them all. Please do this for us before donating.

5. Using 3rd party programs or automation might be against YoWorld’s TOS. You are the only one responsible on how and where you will use our program. IF you decide to use our program you agree automatically with our TOS, that can be found HERE .

6. DO NOT TRY TO SHARE your yovilleart.com account and do not create multiple accounts from the same computer.If you already did that, right-click the program icon and wipe your registration info. When you will restart the program, it will ask for your account ID. Enter your account ID and delete any other accounts created by yourself, they will not work. So DO NOT TRY TO MIX ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR PROGRAM, YOU WILL MESS YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. Sorry peeps, these are just security measures for us.

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